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56x54+Gorecki: strings & things (Feb. 4, 2018, St. Mark's Lutheran Church, SF) ...where we add some strings and play some interesting things--including a rarely-heard string trio by Henryck Gorecki. Joined by guests Ilana Blumberg Thomas (violin) and violist Julie Michael.

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World Premiere
  • Weiwei Miao, "The Road Not Taken" (soprano, piano). Listen to her"Scene"

  • West Coast Premieres
  • Juliana Hall, "Lovestars" (soprano, cello, piano). Listen to her "The Holy Sonnets of John Donne"

  • Leah Kennedy, Songs (soprano, violin, piano). Watch her "Gretchen" (from "Not Buying It." for soprano, violin, flute, and piano (sung by the composer): .

  • Mike McFerron, "Winter Solstice" (cello, piano). Listen to his electroacoustic work, "Shape Study: Music for metamorphoses": .

  • and...
  • Henryk Gorecki‚Äôs Genesis I: Elementi for string trio (not from the Call for Scores).

  • Shulamit Ran's "Connecting the Dots." Listen to her "Birds of Paradise"

  • Aleksandra Vrebalov's Passion Revisited for cello and piano (not from the Call for Scores)

  • David Garner's Rorrim's Run (movement 1) for violin and piano (not from the Call for Scores). Listen to the first movement of his piano trio:

  • Dave Collins, Etude X (piano). Listen to his "The Maid of Llangollen"for brass.

  • Joelle Wallach, Revisitation of Myth #3 (soprano, viola, piano). Listen (start at 22 seconds).

  • Composer Weiwei Miao will speak at the performance.
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    This performance is sponsored in part by a grant from the Ross McKee Foundation.